Lowering T-Mobile contract?

    Just been on the phone to t-mobile to see if i will be able to downgrade my contract in a few months and the said not at all since your in a contract although a friend of mine said after 9 months they should let me?


    nope all they will do is let you change your contract to one of the same or higher value or add another. sorry

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    Ah crap.

    They changed it the week before the G1 came out, you used to be able to...

    Whats your contract term? How many months?

    T-mobile are poo... i know off topic but thought it was worth a mention.

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    18 months.


    18 months.

    You CAN lower your contract after 9 months.

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    Can anyone confirm that or can you point me to a place which confirms it?

    You can check it in the T&C when you bought the contract. If I can manage to find mine, I will confirm.

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    Thanks mate.

    Okay I have to say a [SIZE="5"]BIG[/SIZE] sorry. My sis says they might have changed it again, but if you call them & go through to the Manager, force them to give you a discount on the price plan. :whistling:

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    No worries mate nice one anyway

    I promise I will dig some more information. :oops:

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    Haha seriously don't worry about it, i was living in hope as they were pretty certain i couldn't do **** all when i rang them so it's ok.
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