Lowest APR on personal loan?£7,500 please

    Hello anyone know best deals around?Thanks


    Secured ?
    Unsecured ?
    Repayment length ?

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    Secured ?Unsecured ?Repayment length ?

    Unsecured 2/3 years

    you'll get a different APR depending on your credit score so even though someone advertises at 6.9% it may come through as 9.9% or whatever depending on your individual score - I don't think there is anything anyone can say on here to help - your better off looking around yourself.

    Just look out for payment protection charges - if you want this your often better off organising your own seperately & the flexibility of the loan if that is important to you.

    My GF had a good egg loan that let us overpay whenever we wanted to and take holiday payments with no charge (apart from interest payments being dragged out of course) - this meant we could overpay most months but have a payment holiday every now and again if an expensive MOT came up or whatever - we paid a 5 year loan off in 2.5 years saving us a lot of interest.

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    My credit score is excellent.I checked it on Experian.

    [url][/url] is a p2p lending site. Rates change according to demand/supply.
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