Lowest Pre order prices for Halo 3 + Assassins creed +GTA 4

    Lowest pre order on all these

    Either ps3 or 360 on the latter


    I'm looking for halo 3 too! The pre order prices seem a bit ridiculous?!

    from virgin
    38 quid for the limited edition one, not a great price but it gets the thread moving a little bit…243

    Too high, no competition for this item as everyone is pretty much the same. Wait till it comes out, should be some better deals.

    Heh, I started a thread with the exact same request a few days ago, but had PGR4 thrown in there as well. has GTAIV for £35.95 on 360, but if you haven't bought stuff from there before you can get a free £5 voucher (it's on here somewhere).

    Assassin's Creed is likely to be region free because it's published by Ubisoft, so play-asia is probably the best place to get that from.

    For Halo 3.. wait.

    it seemed that the "collectors edition" was out before the normal edition, is that correct? (saw it due to be released at two different times on hmv)

    Why pre order so early? At least wait closer to the release dates.

    The idea of a pre-order is to make sure you get a copy. If halo 3 and GTA IV are as popular as expected, there's a good chance they will sell out. Just because you pre-order doesn't mean you're guaranteed one, it just means that when they get your one in it's allocated to you - no matter what batch your's comes in on. PO's are first come first served.

    I'm pretty confident that the only Halo you'd need to pre-order will be the legendary edition - the problem with that is finding a good price as RRP is £70. Got a preorder with Virgin for £55 but that price is gone now. If it's the legendary edition you're after you may be best looking for voucher codes and cashback and loo to pay high 50's - same goes for GTA limited edition - will prob sell out even though price is high.
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