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    Lowestonweb customer support number is 0906 and they charge 1 quid/minute. If you want to avoid such charge call their Customer Care team 0870 160 9538. Still not free, but better than 0906

    Didn't knew where to put it really, so decided to post in "Random nonsense"


    It's useful, if you need them. I hate those premium number costs...

    The worst case for those, is when you call in to a bedside hospital ward phone. You would think they'd be as cheap as possible to keep in touch and maybe help someone "feel" better. They might not be £1/min but they are over the top...

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    To be honest, I never understood the logic of charging for customer support. I can (with difficulty) see how charging for technical support is justified, but to calls to customer support IMHO should be as cheap as possible. If you charge over the nose customers could become your competitor's customers very quickly. And competition on web is very serious.

    Credit to Lowestonweb - they do respond to emails, so that's the cheapest way of contacting them. Just don't expect immediate answer.

    I think both are acceptable to have a payment attached to them, if they work towards helping you in some way. There should be an immediate statement of how long you will be on hold though and as some already do, your number in the queue.

    Try this site for cheaper calls to 0870


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    "Some" charge is OK with me. But I disagree with 1quid/minute charge. Especially when it was their fault (misadvertising), not mine.

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    Try this site for cheaper calls to … Try this site for cheaper calls to 0870]

    I did, thanks for that. Lowestonweb isn't listed there but their parent company (Evesham) is.
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