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Found 14th Nov 2017

im buying a new build home that’s not on the mains gas system and is going to be heated with LPG.

Apart art from being significantly more expensive than mains has, it also seems harder to find the best deal on who to supply.
has anyone got any experience with lpg?

How do I find the cheapest supplier?

also anything else to know about the system. How often does it need servicing? Is that more expensive to do then a normal boiler service?

thanks in advance
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Needs service once a year British Gas or in my case Scottish gas offer the service and repair any problem for bout £22 a month ! Our supplier is Mac gas ! Hope this helps
Thanks for your message.

How how did you come to choose Mac gas? How did you find they worked out the cheapest/best option for you?
LPG isn't like mains gas, you don't have a supplier per se. You buy the gas and it's then stored in your garden tank.

If you have a tank, then when it needs filling you can just ring around the local suppliers and find the cheapest price. That's what we did for 13 years. We've now moved and changed from LPG to oil, it's much cheaper but in effect the same way of buying the fuel.

With LPG and oil you can buy (generally) in two different ways. You can opt for a single company to come out and top up your tank as and when (they decide) and you pay a monthly amount. At the end of a year you get a rebate/credit/bill. Or you pay, fill your tank and then search for the best deal next time.

We used to fill our LPG tank about once a year. It's not difficult to ring around a few suppliers when it's time to refill. Then book them in, pay and you're good for another year.

The boiler is exactly the same in needs as any other boiler. It's just the fuel it uses that is different. You should service the boiler once a year. The boiler service man should also check your tank and pipes. In our neck of the woods (Cornwall) an boiler service is £75 ish plus any parts. It's the same price for LPG, oil or mains gas boilers here.

How are you planning to cook? We had LPG gas stove and induction hob. The stove ran off two separate LPG canisters - they last about a year too and cost less than £40 to replace.
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Why do you want to use LPG especially when you have said it's more expensive than mains gas?
Bigfootpete6 h, 47 m ago

Why do you want to use LPG especially when you have said it's more …Why do you want to use LPG especially when you have said it's more expensive than mains gas?

Because my new house isn’t on mains gas.....
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