LPG House - additional energy source?

Found 12th Sep 2017
Hi,imnmoving into a new build house, it's in a rural area with LPG fitted, due to no mains gas supply.

Has anyone got any offers xoerienfe or knowledge on ways I can get additional heating/energy cheaply? Any good ways of getting solar power installed? Could I look at a log burner that also heats hot water tank?

if there anything like this that could potentially brings my bills down that would be appreciated.


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In the voice of someone we all know "covfefe" and those in the know will understand what it means (sweeps back hair)

As for the rest - talk to different energy suppliers first to get covfefe (I mean free) advice.
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Buy your fuel in the summer when you don't need it. I'm not sure about LPG but heating oil frequently jumps in price when a cold snap hits.
You could look at fitting a thermal store then dumping multiple heat sources into it. Not sure if there would ever be a reasonable pay back period.
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