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Found 27th Nov 2009
Ok, i know virtually nothing about cars, i drive a jag estate and thats about the limit of my knowledge on cars , im setting up a little business which will involve someone driveng around a lot for me, was just looking at vans and found one for about 2k and looks great for me, says it runs on LPG, quick bit of research showed me that lpg is cheaper than diesel etc, but what sort of MPG are we talking for this lpg stuff, is it gonna be like half the mpg of diesels therefore negating the lower price , or do you get a good milage out of em, engine is 1700 btw

any help appreciated cant google too much, am at work.
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Your get the same MPG as petrol. so thats about 35/40 MPG i would of thought
its much the same MPG as normal petrol.. but near on half the price of unleaded
hi, you get the same MPG, but it is usually half the price of deisel or petrol, thats what makes it worthwhile. we have had 2 Range Rovers running on LPG, there is no loss of power or performance
You might find it is about 2-3 miles to the gallon lower than the average petrol engine, but the price is half that of petrol. Just make sure you have the certificates for the conversion, and it was done proffessionally otherwise you could be sitting on a 40 litre bomb!!
our morrisons have lpg dont lnow if they all do
You will get slightly less economy on LPG. That said it's half the price of petrol, so it's win win. My old man runs several cars on it.
cheers , plent of places close to fill up
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