lucky escape

    I just got back from my mums house and because my mum wants to move then i had the job of clearing the loft.So grabbing a ladder i went into the loft.After flicking the light switch on nothing happened so i grabbed a torch as i couldnt find the bulb to change it as it was somewhere in there.
    After about an hour of clearing mostly xmas decs junk etc the last thing i had to grab was a red suitcase which i tried to grab hold of but wouldnt move.So clambering right by it and physically lifting it up imagine what i saw when underneath the suitcase somehow the bulb had burned its way inside the suitcase and then blown as the bulb was burnt out.
    Just wondering as anyone ever heard of anything like this talk about a lucky escape.


    your fuse would have blown when the bulb blew. probably when the suitcase was last chucked up there.

    So it's actually burnt through the case, or just fallen inside the case?

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    It had burnt through the case and the bulb was actually inside the case still attached to the bulb holder thats why i originally couldnt lift the case off the floor.
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