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    Im in work with a terrible hangover and need some food soon! The only nearby shop is a mini Tesco & the only cooking facilities are a microwave

    has anybody got any good ideas of what I should get for lunch to get me over this hangover!


    Ugo chargrilled chicken and pesto panini.

    Not cheap, but really worth it.

    Bottle of vodka

    2 co-codamol.
    Tomato soup (heinz) and a crusty white bread roll. yummy.

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    some good ideas but nothing yet that really appeals

    No way could I even look at a bottle of vodka!!!!!

    what about a pot noodle.


    Cheese and jacobs cream crackers, yum

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    what about a pot noodle.

    I couldnt eat one when I felt ok let alone with a hangover!!!

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    Cheese and jacobs cream crackers, yum

    not very substantial tho

    Jacket Potato can go in microwave,buy some baked beans,or buy 1 those that are ready made with the cheese/baked beans on top.
    Or some kind of ready made meal like a casserole with dumplings,might help soak up the booze.
    I don't get hangovers no matter how silly I been drinking.

    Kabab pot noodle!!!! GO ON...YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO!

    rustlers chicken burger

    them ginsters slice things, fanta, twix and pint whole milk

    A reduced Roast Chicken, mayo and a french bread stick. There you go. Oh, and some mango and chilli dressing on top.

    whatever you eat...

    lots of water to drink to ease your headache, something salty and something sweet to reset your body

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    ended up getting a tesco finest lamb mouska, a pack of quavers and a danish!

    Hows the hangover now - ready for the alcohol again?
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