Luncheon vouchers

    I know this might sound daft but ive received some lucheon vouchers and they say you can spend them at asda/tesco/sainsburys they all sell clothes so will i be able to spend them on clothes or do they only let you buy food with them


    I use mine on whatever shopping I have in my basket/trolley, so if you have clothes in there then thats what i use it on. I do have a mixture in there though.....Asda are normally never fussy!

    i used to get them for doing the food diaries and you just hand them over at tesco's when you pay - it didn't matter what you bought, it was about a year ago i lat had them tho' - someone might have more upto date info.

    anything i use them all the time

    I had problems spending mine - I was always made to feel like it was always a hassle, made me feel dodgy and had to call a manager/supervisor - so I changed to Paypal payments which in my opinion is a lot less hassle!

    I use them to pay for my shopping when ever I have been given them following a week long course.

    just buy some jeans and if they ask tell them your having them for lunch.

    Say your on a high fiber diet!
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