Lush-Toilettries fresh soaps and fizzrs-any one tried it?

    has anyone tried brought anything from Lush?


    Yeah, I really like their items. Bath bombs are great, if expensive. Their shower jelly's are gorgeous!

    bath bombs are beautiful, makes you feel lovely all day

    I have loads of bits i love from there, but cant use the soaps on my face as they seem to dry my skin out soo much, but they smell good enough to eat

    Yep, they're Lush! :-D

    I love lush but once i got in the bath when a bomb was fizzing away and omg it hurt so much it felt like i was being burnt x

    there bath fizzers are amazing

    I use the solid blocks of shampoo and soap for travelling as it gets round the liquids restriction in handluggage when you are flying - love them (but would work out expensive to use daily otherwise)

    I love the candy bar soap, I think it's called rock star OH buys it and I use it!

    had a few things fromLush,bath bombs and soap.all were great,leaves skin really soft

    Angels on bare skin is the BEST clenser in the world!! Celestial iis a fab mouisturiser if you have sensitive skin. I love the vanilla stuff too.
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