Luton airport

    Flying out of Luton at the end of September. Does anyone have any ideas about cheap parking?
    My father uses a hotel that offers free parking when flying out of Gatwick.

    Is there anything similiar from Luton?


    There was a thread about this last night, cheap parking only at Luton.......will try to fnd it.i


    try [url][/url]

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    That´s great thanks

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    That´s great mate thanks.

    parking in luton............

    Have you ever been to luton?

    Airparks at Slip End are usually cheapest for me.

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    parking in luton............Have you ever been to luton?

    nope first time for me


    nope first time for me

    ummmmmmmm i was born there and its not pretty lol.

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    lol I´m not going to look at it.

    we stayed in the travel inn in Luton for one night a family of 4 in August and got free parking for 14 nights at Airparks the price was about £89 99:thumbsup:

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    thanks for that
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