Luton airport car park

    Any promotions for Luton airport car park at the end of July, first week in august please
    Many thanks


    there are a few through quidco quite competative too with some givein 10% ssome £7 - worth a look

    It would be cheapest to park at Luton Parkway train station multistory, about £20 for the week. £1.50 per adult on bus to airport and runs every 10 mins and 5 min transfer time. 24 hr security.
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    Just in case anyone wanted an update on the Luton parking at Luton Airport Parkway car park.

    We've just got back, and left our car there for 8 days. You have to pay £1.50 for the bus (every 10 minutes) - kids officially half price, but ours weren't charged. On the way back, officially the rates were the same, but there was no-one selling/demanding tickets on the way back. So total cost for bus fares for 2 adults and 3 kids was £3.

    Re the actual parking charges, officially it's £24 a week or £5.80 per day. But - we decided to pay on our return as the machine left you the option of paying either in advance or just before leaving - were thrilled to discover the machine only charged us £18 for the 8 days - no idea why!

    So total cost for us was £21 for 8 days - fantastic value.

    There was also plenty of room, it was easy to find and claimed to have someone on-site 24 hours a day.

    So recommended!

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    Thanks, I tend not to trust car parks at train stations though.

    especially in luton :P
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