I bought 19 dollar plan for lyca mobile and got sim card in mail. First the sim card seemed like it would work, then it stopped after we registered. Tried calling them and on hold forever, then got someone in India who was hard to understand. Got disconnected. Called back another day, after we check our account and it said zero credit. We paid 20 dollars more to top up and get credit. Still couldn't get sim card to work. Called again, on hold forever, Indian guy answered. Wouldn't talk to me, only my husband because was his phone. My husband couldn't understand him and then the Indian guy hung up on us again!!!! Still no service!!!!


    19 Dollar? You do know this is a British website?

    me love you long time !!!

    Try HotUSADeals site

    U make the wall we eat your topup

    Taking a wild guess here but have you purchased a US sim and put it in a UK phone with data roaming enabled?

    Dolla Dolla Bill ya'll

    Blame it on the Indian

    You wacist.

    who'd have thought it...

    Obviously a multi

    Thanks for posting, very helpful to everyone I am sure.

    Lyca us sims only work there. I once bought one to use out there and bought their international package to call back here and it was really good. I definitely got my moneys worth. But past few years found WhatsApp and skype much better value.


    Obviously a multi

    ​What's a Multi?


    ​What's a Multi?
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