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Okay, just though of a new game, I've seen that most games on here are mostly the word association games. This new game basically entails you guessing what the missing word from the lyrics is. The rules are fairly simple, the lyrics must be from mainstream band* and the song must have been released from 2005 onwards. Answer the above members lyrics and type yours down for the next member to answer.

*Mainstream bands
--Stuff like Arctic Monkeys, Will Young, Britney Spears, Kate Nash, Duffy, Ne'Yo, 50 Cent (I've tried to make them as varied as possible, so long as people would know the song and band.)


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''I'm not saying it was your .......... although you could have done more.''

farmer giles?


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haha - 'Fault' - Naive by The Kooks.

Maybe its not such a good game afterall :oops
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