Not sure about my girl mates but my wife sure hates my GF.

    its generally the girlfriends that dont like the girl mates in my experience.....:?


    Not sure about my girl mates but my wife sure hates my GF.

    lmao! :thumbsup:

    i think its just general that girls dont like other girls.............i love my hubbys mates..........the fact they are all male helps.

    Women are generally nuts...........

    Cant do without em mind


    hmm that too... since uni i try to keep them apart...

    I guess its probably jealousy....I have grown up around lads (brother was on a rugby team so that took most of the family spare time) and have found that over the years, when the lads have got 'serious girlfriends' they have gradually stopped hanging round with the lasses.....:whistling:seems g/f's often have an opinion and the lads stop it just to keep the piece....

    well i met my husband through his/my mates so alls good

    in all fairness byker YOU dont seem to like yr girlfriend much if I remember right :giggle::giggle:

    I didnt like my boyfriend friends that were girls and they prob didnt like me
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