my mickey mouse lunch box with a built in radio!!!.......... my pride and joy.
    Would go everywhere, even holidays!!

    bykergrove you are a naughty boy, and I cost more than a pog I can tell you now :p:p


    here are my items but i dont carry them around anymore i promise!!! i … here are my items but i dont carry them around anymore i promise!!! i forgot to mention my favourite pog!

    how old were you when you last took them along??

    I wouldn't leave the house without my chopper :-D


    haha........ i would NEVER trade my favourite pog! :x

    the cheek!


    I wouldn't leave the house without my chopper :-D

    oooh sir walter :whistling:

    I used to have a little purple figure thing that I called the "Turkeyer" - don't ask. It went everywhere stuck under the velcro flaps on my shoes. One day it fell out and I've never been the same since. Oh what a strange child.

    just the front door key. Couldn't get back in without it. Love your avatar bykerg


    lol WTF? what was it?

    It was just a small purple toy, kinda like the green thing in your picture. No idea where it came from, I think I must have found it at nursery or something!

    I used to carry my penknife around all the time.. and used to go in the woods and.... well hack things.

    This was before knife crime became a huge thing.....

    And if you want to know why I had a penknife I used to fish a lot when i was little, and I was really good and won lots of regional comps, it was part of my tools for fishing. My parents never knew I took it out..

    Dont take it out with me now, the chainsaw is far for effective.

    Money, front door key, pencil and notepad, tissues
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