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Found 12th Oct 2017
Hi all,

So I want to convert my F34 GT sports to m-sport. Found out my neighbour a few doors away brought the same white GT with the same black alloys so annoying literally the same everything!!! Except engine power.

So my front and rear need a respray anyway because of really bad chips. So thought of the conversion instead.

Any help with what parts I need ?

Front bumper
Lower grill
Fog light grill

Would the screws be the same too ?

Any help would be great.

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Disconnecting the indicators is essential I believe.
A few people on my road have the same car as me, but who cares? I know I don’t
A few people on my road have the same car as me, but who cares? I know I don’t
Go to BMW forum. Lotys of asdvice and similar mods like you want to make.
Disconnecting the indicators is essential I believe.
Just type it in ebay and have a look
I personally think spending money on a car that already looks decent is a waste. I would rather put money a side for a better car in a couple years.

Also no need to compete with your neighbour, that’s lame there’s people out there with lambo’s and what not I bet you don’t want to compete with them.
this reads:
Guys I want to be a poser, want to make my crappy bmw look like bit better crap bmw so that I can impress people who dont know much about cars when they see me
Insurance might be an issue after the mods are done. Otherwise, why not?
Found some inspiration to make your car soooo much better than your neighbours

Stop trying to make it look like an M car, cos it will never be a proper M car.
Keep it as it is, looks won't add value.
Awaits to see it on barryboys
The m sport package is slightly more than just visual differences, so it would make financial sense to sell you car and then buy another with it. Wouldn't want to retro fit adaptive suspension etc.
Or do you just want to make it look like it is an m sport?
A lot of friendly people on here . My rear bumper is damaged the most with the prime, dents showing. Either way I needed to fix it. It just happen to be that day they brought it, so thought to fix the original bumpers. That’s when a friend said change the bumpers.

God knows who I’m trying to impress according to @mattsk . Not trying to add value and not trying to make it look like M SERIES just like a M Sport bumpers which is a difference @almas09 .

Since I need to fix them thought why not change it. Clearly a mistake on here
spoo12th Oct

Disconnecting the indicators is essential I believe.

No. the Indicators are simply operated by the big Knob behind the steering wheel.....
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