m25 (west of london)...

    just wondered if i could get a heads up if this is a busy motorway as its a tad close to london? what would be a quiet time 5pm onwards to travel it if it is gonna be bu,per to bumper? thankyou x


    M25 is never quiet - that's why it's known as "The Orbital Car Park" I'd recommend early hours of the morning, or after 8PM, but don't expect it to be empty
    Hope this helps...

    M25 travel news ]update

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    Biggest car park in europe but some bits are worse than others, clacket services is bad but not where you say

    Gets busy between 4 and 7 most evenings but traffic tends to flow OK unless there's been an accident or more roadworks. Worst bit on west side is usually M4 to M1 stretch (the North West corner).
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