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Found 13th Dec 2008
Hoping someone can help me!
I have put some backup roms on my DS M3 card and the menu loads fine, and lets you select a game. When i select a game it prompts to create a SAV file. I click 'Yes' but then it says 'The save data could not be accessed'. This happens on every game i try.
Any ideas?
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Have you tried copying the data to your computer and reformating your memory card and then reinstalling the latest software and backup copies? Don't know if it will work but its got to be worth a try.
ha formatting wont do anything for this

you need arm 7 fix new games from usa etc are encrypted us a file you know that works put in donor file then the non working one in the patient folder ]http//ho…tml heres the software page
mods+++ this is for education research not copyrighted software here only the fixes (IF YOU LIKE THE GAME BUY IT)

if it works for you like it did for me then please rep me up ...wanderer

the new starwars clone wars really encrypted you get as far as menu and thats it goodnight black screen not patchable the end is nigh pmsl .....
Think you will find that you don't have enough space on the memory card to create the sav file. You might have to delete a game to make room. I had this problem before and that seemed to do the trick.
Thanks for your comments.

Gym louger: ive only got 1 game on a 1Gb micro Sd so i dont think thats it.

Wanderer: il have a look now, thanks.
Club Penguin is the same, I used the donor method as I found it on another site, its quite easy
Someones going to have to put this in a step by step way:
im getting very confused!
Got it to work! Thanks to all who commented!
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