M3 Simply DS or R4 DS - which is better & best place to buy them?

Found 22nd Aug 2007
Hi guys

Just thought i'd ask for some advice from the tens of thousands of members of HUKD ...

I am interested in purchasing either the M3 Simply DS or the R4 DS. I know the chipsets are the same & the R4 is a clone of the M3. And from the reviews I have found that the M3 is just a tad better, but want to know your thoughts on the matter

Most important aspect would be that they will allow the playback of GBA games also as we have quite a few amassed over the years since we had the GBA.

With respect to the purchasing of these devices, found one shop doing either for around £41-42 with free delivery with a 2GB MicroSD card. Was tempted but noticed that quite a few members mentioned that they could get it for £20? Was wondering if anyone knows where either of these can be bought cheaply either as a standalone item then buy the MicroSD card from another retailer maybe?

Cheapest i have found the carts themselves is £24 approx at "consoleup"

Would be handy if someone knew where we could buy these carts and get some quidco cashback too

Any advice or help would be gratefully appreciated & I am sure with the exceptional deals on HUKD other members may find your answers quite useful.
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I bought my M3 from divineo.cn - works out about £25 delivered.
I thought the M3 was a clone of the R4 and that the R4 was slightly better because it always gets the updated firmware first.

I have read that there is a short supply of R4's and that most places no longer have stock.

I would recommend the R4 and EZFlash 3 in 1 Try:-

Thanks for that Loner, clickshop have the R4DS for only £27 with a 1gb card - not bad (availability 3-5 days).

I have found the following:

[SIZE="3"][FONT="Garamond"]In all relativity, they are the same, identical flash card with subtle differences. First, both the M3DSS and R4DS are manufactured at the same lab. The first issue models of each card can be modified with a soldering tool to convert from one brand to the other. A recent redesign upon both brands ensured this would no longer continue. Each team shares all findings and discoveries with one another, although R4DS uploads their updates a few days sooner tham M3DSS does. The updates have been identical in every attribute. The GUI, icon settings, etc. are exactly the same. The only difference, besides the default skin, is the M3DSS logo screen displays, "M3DSS (Region) Version", while R4DS shows, "(Region) Version." Each product can use the same custom skins that you see around here at GBATemp and abroad. At this point at time, they are essentially the same product. Just the label, a small difference of time for updates, board chipset placement and the GUI's logo message are all that seperate the two.[/FONT][/SIZE]

So the R4 team release their updates a tad sooner. From what i gather the other forums mention get either one only dependency is PRICE! So c'mon HUKD members bring us your low prices - thanks again Loner (best price so-far) :thumbsup:
You can't run GBA games off either of the cards, mind. You need another cart to do that.
I purchased my R4 from clickshop.com, I e-mailed them to check stock before ordering and it took 3 days to arrive. I have read a few negative comments about them so 'buyer beware' applies. Their website has said 3-5 days for the last 2 weeks.

Totalgab.com are very professional and very quick. The EZflash 3 in 1 allows you to play GBA games in conjuction with the R4 - highly recommended
What ever you do stay away from [COLOR="Red"]clickshop.com[/COLOR]
4 weeks been wating now for m3 ds order still pending stay away!!
I ordered from clickshop.com 15.11.07, after several emails and finally threatening them with the police I finally received my stuff 30.11.07, do not use these people, really really poor customer service, I thought I'd seriously lost £155!
Get them from Dealextreme.com - Works out at about £16 for an R4 and £17 for an M3 Real. (The latter can take 4gb SDHC cards - so a better option IMHO)

Those prices are with free delivery - From Hong Kong, custom friendly and reliable.

Then just buy your Micro SD in this country from memorybits - or somewhere similar giving you the best price at the time of ordering.
M3 Real DS is the one you want. The R4/m3 Simple are old tech.
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