I am right in reading that this motherboard can now take AM3 processor. As I am thinking of buying a whole new mobo, amd x4 phenom 965 and pc2-8500 ram. Can someone in the know clarify this is possible please


    Yup says HERE it supports am3, jut update to the latest bios.

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    Yup says HERE it supports am3, jut update to the latest bios.

    Thanx Danmc. How easy is it to replace processor from motherboard?

    Very easy lift up the silver lever to loosen the cpu and it will lift straight off. drop in another and put the lever back down to lock it in place.

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    Ok seems simple enough and I think this has got to be my last question. Do I need to format my hard drive or is it just like adding any other type of hardware like graphics card? for example

    You shouldn't need to change anything on your hard disk. just power down, swap CPU, power up and enjoy
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