M60 congestion?

    Hi all,
    With the number of people here there must be somebody who can answer me this! I am going to be working soon in Stockport and am considering living in the East of Manchester (Ashton, Denton, Dukinfield). However, I have very ltitle experience of the south east part of the M60, especially during rush hour. Is it badly congested or not? I imagine travelling from J23 to J27 (or J1). I think I might do a few test runs to see, but first hand info would really help.


    Heading into Stockport is busssssssy! in the morning

    you pretty much want to avoid between 8 and 9am trafficwise, that part of the m60 suffers frequent jams.


    Yeah it starts around 7am ish and gets worse around 8.30am.but travelling towards Stockport you will be stuck every morning :-(

    I would recommend Denton, then you might be able to find a way via Hyde on the A560

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    Thanks, that's bad news. I am trying to avoid a long commute so maybe I am wasting my time wanting to live around Ashton! I really didn't want to live in Stockport though, but my favourite place is there so maybe it's not such a bad thing.

    very busy best is denton or hyde some parts of stockport are nice. dont move to ashton its a s**t hole.
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