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I know there are a lot of apple haters on here and half of them have got good reasons to hate. However I need feedback from those who have a Mac and which one.
As I plan on buying one soon, so would like to get deedback from those who have/had one.
Also is there a new Mac that is about to be released? I went in to the apple store and they would not comment on it /
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Have used them at home for the last 20 or so years. Used MacOS, Windows and Linux at work through the years so don't care that much about operating system and software differences but prefer Mac at home since it's very high quality hardware that lasts for a long time (laptops at least, I wouldn't go for a Mac Pro but rather build a hackintosh if I wanted a machine like that).

There most likely won't be any big updates until next year because of the delays in Intel's chip fab:

This guide will list release dates and averages: macrumors.com/201…15/
Agree with the poster above. It is unlikely because of all the delays and the Mac Book pro with retina jut got a spec increase to have 16gb as standard, plus some prices went down.

There is always a chance they will update them before the end of the year( normally happens on oct)
I have both. Mac and PC. Used to use the PC for everything including Video Editing etc. Then bought my first mac. I must says I prefer the mac. Both are on my Desk. You can get pretty much everything on either devices that you need.

The PC did not have issues. Well I did have a few viruses but I cleaned them out with guides online. On the Mac not had any virus issues and TBH I don't have a virus protector on it atm. Did have Kaspersky on the PC and it did me well.

In terms of performance I currently have a iMac 21.5-inch, Mid 2011 i5 processor and it suits my needs. Before this I had a 2010 Macbook Pro that I put a SSD in ... I believe that was i5 too and it was fast! Swapped it for this iMac as I didn't want portability. Thinking of adding a SSD but it's a lot more difficult on an iMAC and don't trust anyone to do it. One local guy said he would do it for £20 ... but seems fishy.

Anyway in terms of performance not any major issues on the iMAC. I tend to use it for browsing and the odd Final Cut Pro. FCP is not as fast as the Macbook Pro SSD I had but it 's still good. SSD would solve this but I believe the newer versions have this already ... think it's called Fusion Drive or something.

I have a trackpad that I used to use but it's sitting there now and also a magic mouse that I find really nice to use as has gesture controls. Like if you are browsing a page you can flick up and down on the mouse to move up and down on the page and same like ... flick left or right to go back or forward etc.

Overall, I hardly use the PC anymore ... only for DVD Burning as I have software on that which the MAC doesn't have. End day your choice.
Had an old macbook white for 7 years and it ran perfectly till recently my battery died and didn't want to buy a brand new one from apple so got one off ebay and turned out to mess up my battery so decided to buy a new one. I got the brand new macbook pro with retina and I must say I am amazed! The new processor and the display is bang on! Best decision! Also, theres a bonus if you can't get hold of any student discount, as currys and pc world are doing £100 cash back. I got the £999 model and after cash back £899. Hope this helps
I have a 15" Macbook Pro with Retina display, and i love it. Far quicker than any of my previous Laptops, feels solid and the display is unbelievable. They are quite pricy and this is my 1st mac. I was a little wary about moving away from Windows, but OSX is excellent. Really simple to navigate.

Best thing i think however is that it has an inbuilt tool (bootcamp) so you can dual boot both windows and OSX. Not something that you can easily do on a Windows based laptop. In the last 12 months of use i can count on 1 hand the number of times i have decided to boot back into windows.
thanks for the replies. will give Currys' a look and see if I can get student discount ;]

final question, would you directly buy from apple or from other retailers? Or risk purchasing it from ebay?
Because I got my Iphone which is covered with apple and they are great when it comes to checking/fixing it.
I would recommend Apple or an authorized reseller and avoid ebay.

I would recommend Apple or an authorized reseller and avoid ebay.

If you are going brand new then get it from an authroised reseller or apple. You can even looks at the refurb ones from Apple as they are brand new and I believe they still come with 1 year warranty.

Look for ones with retina displays.
Lots of stories here about people switching to one machine to another. As you can imagine the combination of a fresh install, newer technology and a high end machine are all going to produce a favourable impression regardless of anything else.

Personally I haven't found Apple's hardware particularly special. I don't own one myself as I'm a keen gamer, but of the three Apple PCs of various ages that the family has owned two have had hardware problems. The white macbook cracked (a common problem on the model apparently) and the Aluminium iMac has wireless problems and it's peripherals were all but useless (the mouse is dead entirely, the keyboard is still going after a couple of repairs).

You don't say which model in Apple's range you're considering, if you're looking at a desktop then their current range is less than attractive because of the poor choice of drives. You'd be silly to buy a high end machine with less than a 512GB SSD now they're £150 or less yet Apple are still fitting a hard drive as standard(!) and either not offering a decent sized SSD or charging ludicrous amounts for it depending on the model. I believe the current models don't even offer the option to open them up and fit your own drive.
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