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    for the mac users out there, i need a bit of help

    installed windows on bootcamp, but i never got to burn a drivers disk, nor can i find the option to do so anywhere on the boot camp assistant.

    also don't have the mac install discs readily available. not even sure of their locations

    can i download the drivers from anywhere?


    Should be one in the box.

    no you need them from the original mac osx install disks,won't work without it...only other option is to use parallels or VM Ware fusion

    Original Poster

    box is back home, i think. i've found a website to download them, hopefully that'll work

    download bootcamp 2.1 from apple website (It's about 200 something MB I think) if you want...

    But Yes as someone said the drivers/assistant will be on DVD 1 of your OS X installation discs. When you put it in your mac when windows has installed quit autorun and explore the disk and run the bootcamp setup file.

    More help here and all the apple downloads here:…mp/
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