Mac Mini

    Does anyone know where the cheapest place to buy one of these is. The apple store has them for 399. Does anyone know of anywhere cheaper with vouchers or anything?


    If your looking to buy new, it's tricky to get much cheaper, if you know a student you can purchase through them or their college, varying degrees of discount.

    Apple have had some on refurb store the last few days and you'll have to login early in the day.

    Not huge saving (£50 or thereabouts) but better than nothing. I'm not sure if quidco tracks refurb store but if it does that's an extra few pounds too.


    dont forget 3% quidco at apple store if u buy from there

    quidco does track refurb store iirc

    also if u know any one who is a student (friend/ family etc) then they get a good discount
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