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    I am looking to purchase a mac mini as I already have a large screen and therefore do not want to buy and iMac or Macbook. I am looking to spend more or less £400 for the computer with a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. I have already found that I can get the 1.8GHz, 1GB RAM, 80GB HD for £360, which leaves me about £40 for the keyboard and moue. I would highly appreciate any deals found on Mac minis and official mice and keyboards. If you find a particuarly good deal on any sort of iMac or Macbook that you think is a better option (for around the sam price), please post it. Also, if you find any deals on either the wireless or wiredkeyboard and mouse, again please post it. I will give rep to anyone who gives me infomatio or shows me the products for good prices, thank you

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    Avoid the official mighty mouse, it's rubbish. (any USB or bluetooth mouse will work just as well) The keyboard is acceptible though, and you have less choice there if you want the mac keys marked.

    Oh and be aware that the base model mac mini will not burn DVDs.

    Are you after the wireless keyboard (without numpad, delete key and USB ports) or the wired keyboard?
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