Posted 7th Jan 2023
I need small form factor machine.

this can be pc or Mac.

what do I buy.

I can even build computers but what ?
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    Intel NUC, Gigabyte Brix are the sort of machines you’re probably looking for if you want something with a tiny form factor like the Mac mini.

    I had a Gigabyte Brix Gaming way back when, was pretty good and served me well.

    If you want to built something yourself then I imagine ITX is probably the best you’re going to be able to do in terms of form factor.

    The other options would be things like PC Sticks. Intel Compute Stick comes to mind but there’s lots of other brands that more recently released similar sort of things.

    Or finally, how about a Raspberry pi? If you don’t need something hugely powerful that’s a good option.

    If you’ve got the cash to spend, and a Mac mini is what you have in mind though, I say go for it. They are going to be much better built than any other suggestions I have made, and with their own processors they’re super powerful too.
    Forgot to mention, I do alot of photography, so lightroom editing, might need a GPU for video work, but it's basic
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    if you can build, get a sugu 13 small form factor case and a 5600g cpu,
    you could build something nice for about 400. the case is also just big enough to fit a gpu later on if needed, but the 5600g has a built in gpu that should be powefull enough
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    Mac mini M1 should be given serious consideration.
    When does the m2 come out?
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    Dell optiplex usff. Loads of ex corp ones on ebay. Cheap reliable and plenty of different spec options
    I need a nice elegant looking pc on the desk too! I already have an ex work pc transplanted to a nice pc case. Just needs to be smaller as limited on desk and floor space.
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    What's your budget?

    There's many options. Depends on your specs?

    I mean I'd consider the Mac mini 2.

    But if I can build something alot cheaper than that I would be happy.
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    I paid £120 in October for an ultra small form factor PC from Zoostorm that I use as a home media server. 9th gen i3, 8GB RAM and 240GB SSD. They had other specs available too. All brand new no refurb. It does a good job transcoding HD media using the integrated GPU.  (edited)
    Looks smart too
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