Mac Mini MA607B/A

    A look in tescos last night and there was a mac reduced down to £270. Should I have left it on the shelf? It is 1.6, 60 gig, 512meg. Its only for browsing and media center. I havent had any time to do research (typing this from hospital bed with sick child) so any advice would be cool.



    seems like a good deal to me. it is selling for 470 pounds in amazon.…1WU

    so if that is what you want, it is a great deal

    And the next model "up" but pretty much the same specs is selling at nearly double at Tesco Direct:…spx

    Great deal, IF a mac is what you want.

    The one shown above on AMAZON is not even sold by Apple Mac any more. The 1.6GHZ model is old stock.

    The Tesco one can be found on the Apple Mac website for £399. This does not include the price of a Superdrive (that the tesco one does include) but you can get a 2.0 GHz machine for £499 on the Apple site this does have the DVD writer built in...

    The best deals that I have found have been directly from Mac:…pXg

    They also have a refurbished mac site which you can find machines (that come with a year warranty) at reduced prices. £300 quid on a MacBook Pro is the best I've seen:…php

    Good luck

    What do you mean by media centre? If you are after something that can record/playback TV, then the mac mini has no tv capture capabilities.

    For browsing, e-mailing, etc., then it's a good little machine (I'm using one of the older models right now )

    ETA: Ooops, jut realised this info might be two weeks too late. :oops: Not sure why this showed up at the top of my discussed list. :thinking:
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