Mac Mini Style Case

As per the title, I need to find a case similar to the mac mini for a personal project.

I know they must exist, but where, and how much? :-)

Rep for helpers!

Can anyone assist? Much love!



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You've probably looked here, but [url]www.mini-itx.com[/url] has a variety of smaller cases, but the extremely small ones tend to be made by tranquil. They tend to be very expensive, and don't include power on board, and some of these mini-itx power circuits can range in the £60...

What is it you're trying to build and perhaps I can help recommend something?

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Hi thekanester,

It's a battery powered access point, so a hobby case or something along those lines that looks good, and requires some work will do fine.

Do you know any good sources?


Battery-powered access case...hmm....is it going to be PC-based, or some other architecture? IYou can get HDD cases in the style of mac minis. Not cheap, but here's one:


Here's a mac mini top case:


and bottom:


The mac mini parts are both in the US, so postage is a little high, but overall not far off the HDD enclosure.

Hope this is useful.

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Thanks again thekanester. I saw those. Pretty pricey! It's not PC based, it'll be based of a RouterBoard.

I think I need to keep looking for hobby cases, but ones that don't look abysmal!
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