mac oSX

does anyone own or have or used mac operating system

i have a mac mini connected to my tv and everytime i change to the resolution i want then shut down

when starting up again its reverted back to its original one

is there :santa: anyway to save the resolution i want so i dont need to keep changing it!


hmmm good question. I'm not sure how to make it do that. I think what happens is when it starts up it identifies the lcd and automatically adjusts for best resolution.

You could try asking at somewhere like which have a pretty helpful forum base.

You need to open System preferences, then display, choose the resolution and that should be it. If its not saving your choice thats unusual and might be the TV at fault ?

My Apple Display will allow me to save at many different resolutions, the LCD screen might only be happy with certain resolutions, have a look in the manual !

I wonder if setting the display profile under 'color' might rectify the problem. It probably want to be set at either sRGB or Generic Monitor.
What connection method are you using, DVI?

I think he's saying the resolution changes but goes back to the default when starting up. I think this is the same behaviour I get on my external monitor but I hardly ever restart so I'm not sure actually!

Original Poster

hello guys

i am connecting it to the old style CRT TV's 32''

using the s-video adapter u can buy from the apple store

its too small at default 1024*768 i think everything is barely readable

so i change it to 800*600

everything looks nice big and clear

but after shut down it reverts back to 1024*768!!!!

very tiresome having to always change it in system preferances!

Not sure whats up, i thought changing display preference would auto save. Try another online forum like
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