Mac to Android Contacts

    I have a Mac with all my contacts on,
    how do i go about transferring them to android? in the easiest way


    You'll need to say how those contacts are saved on your mac. Is this in an email client or some other program? However there will be an option in the settings menus to 'export' the contacts. It's simply a case of exporting these in a format that you can import on google via the below link.
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    Just made the move from iPhone to Android and wanted to keep my contacts and calendars in sync between the 2 ongoing just in case.
    Came across iSync Calendar and iSync Contacts in the Play Store which do an awesome job in keeping everything sync'ed between the 2 systems and they are free!

    User details are stored locally not online so no security risks that I can see.

    If you use gmail then sign in with you google credentials on the 'Internet accounts' section on your Mac and choose to sync 'contacts/address book'. Then sign in with the same credentials on your android device.
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