MAC UK Neuroscience: Diabetes Medical Trial - Any experience?

    Hey up folks...

    We've just been listening to the radio and heardan ad - if that's the right word - for the aforementioned MacUK. No... Nothing to do with Apple!

    They're after diabetics with nerve pain to do a 2 month study with 3 stays each lasting 7 days. As I've had this for a while now I'm really considering signing up as it can be bloomin' horrible at times. The thing is I've never done anything like this before with anyone other than the hospital where I go anyway. As such, it's proving a bit of a bum wobbler.

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience of this firm or similar trials? If so would they be willing to share any info please? I appreciate with the nature of the question, there may be things you really don't want to air on a public forum, so I'd be equally thankful to hear by PMs.

    Thanks for any info in advance!


    Dont know anything about this company or their trial. Thing that springs to mind though is the trial that went disasterously wrong at Northwick Park a while ago. If you dont remember it worth googling to refresh your memory about potential risks you could be taking.

    Original Poster

    Oh... That does take the gleam off a bit...

    On a brighter note, whilst on googler I did another search for this company and their trials... Guess what was the top result?!? :-D Though thinking about it that might not be a good sign.

    I don't think this is a paid one though, other than travel and meals. I might have a word with someone from the hospital before I sign up to anything.

    Thanks for the reminder though WoolyM.
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