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Found 12th Oct 2009
Can you friend has a MAC...he has just sent me an invoice but when i print it it is about 2inches tall and illegible. The same happened a few weeks ago when he sent a photo...its was far too small.
He thinks its my computer i have windows XP and my partners laptop is Vista..he also doesnt receive them properly.
We never have problems with anybody else sending emails or attachments so i can only think it is some compatibilty problem.
Has anyone any ideas...thanks


What type of attachment is it? PDF file? Word doc.? JPEG?

First of all, check to see if the attachment looks ok on your monitor when you view it. Does it look pixellated? If so then your friend has probably set the resolution/dpi incorrectly.

If it looks fine on screen but doesn't print properly then it probably has lost the print settings - when you click Print look under the advanced options and make sure everything is set properly

Can't help more without know more specific details but that should give you a clue as to how to solve the problem. Good luck.

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It looked really tiny on screen as well.
He has just this minute sent it as a pdf file and its perfect.
Iwill have to remember that in case we have problems in the future.
Thanks for your help...repped you.
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