Macafee detected trojans does it actually get rid of them?

Hi computer was running a bit slow and we seemed to have pop up sites coming on we knew nothing about. Think this was due to a program my son downloaded a couple of days ago. I deleted the program and Did a full scan with macafee. Results say 4 Trojans detected and 1 possible unwanted program but doesn't say what it is. Does macafee actually get rid of the Trojans or should I do something else as well. I have also run CCleaner after the scan. Could these Trojans have also spread in anyway to our other laptops on our network. Thanks for any help.



mcafee should give you the option to remove / quarantine them

bit pointless if it just ignores them really

I always delete system restore files too just to be on the safe side as they can reside there, well I used too, system restore is now disabled on my PC.

Mcafee is known to give lots of false positives, get a better anti virus solution


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will help you get rid

+1 download malware it will sort you out
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If you do decide to go with another anti-virus remember to uninstall Mcafee first, and this is important, use their removal tool from their website. If you don't you will have bits left all over the place.
Suggest you download and run Superantispyware, it will take a while to scan but will clean deep.

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Thank you for all your advice I Will run the malwarebytes. Never thought of the system restore storing it good piece of advice. I only have macafee for one more month so think I will change. I have Microsoft security essentials on my laptop and so far haven't had any problems so will probably use that. Thanks guys appreciate all your answers.
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