Macbook 2009 A1181 Maximum RAM input?

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Found 11th Jan 2010
As title. Need to know maximum RAM i can put in a macbook 2009 Model A1181. ( Not a pro or air).

processor is core 2 duo 2Ghz if that helps

thanks if you can help me out



If the original ram in there is 800mhz, then it'll only take 4GB of 800mhz ddr2 200 pin ram. If it's 106mhz, then it may be able to take 6GB, but I've got a feeling it won't. (to check the speed, click the apple in the top left, and click about this mac)

The best place to buy ram online is probably [url][/url] although it can be bought cheaper elsewhere...a website beginning with e and ending with bay.

Having looked on google quickly, using the model number you supplied, I think it'll take 6GB. To be honest, i don't think you'd notice a performance increase from 4gb to 6gb, but you may do from 1 or 2gb to 4gb. Depends what you intend to use it for. 1 or 2GB is fine for word, browsing the web, itunes etc. If you do photo editing etc then id recommend 4gb
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