Found 6th Aug 2008
hi ppl, im after a new laptop and was thinking about a macbook. anyone know where you get them cheaper then apple? or any refurbs? also i've never had 1 of these before. do you recommend them?

any advice welcome.

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If you are a student you can get a bit knocked off, and if you are a student with dyslexia then by gosh you can get loads knocked off!!

I loveee my macbook, i spent around £700 from somewhere like curry's / pc world about a year ago. It all depends which you go for and spec wise plus if you want photoshop etc added to it too.

they generally cost in excess of £600 for a new one with a low spec.

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do you recommend buying a low spec? can you not just buy the add ons? or download off the web for them? i've never had 1 but really wanna get 1 now.

I've got a macbook lying around. Was going to take to CEX to see how much I could get for it. But if you are interested let me know and I'll post it up in the sales section. Its case has a lot of scratches (which you could replace) and you may need to reinstall OS BUT my asking price is not a lot. (considering these factors)

Let me know

edit - Tell you what maybe I could try and fix up the OS for you, or at least find out how much it costs...then adjust the price accordingly.

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yeah, could you please show me some pics? i don't really wanna pay like £600 if i don't like there system, any info off you m8 is welcome.

Go to an Apple Store and have a play on one, best way to see if you like it.

Apple sometimes have some cracking deals on the refurb laptops.

]Apple Refurbs

These change regularly so you need to keep an eye on them
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