macbook Antivirus which one

    I have a macbook pro. Anyone recommend a decent antivirus for it ??? and malware protect.
    Does macbook even need a antivirus ??


    Anything free like Bitdefender will do.

    All Macs need antivirus (just like all PCs). Whilst there are not nearly as many viruses for Mac as there are for PC, you do not want to spread PC viruses with your Mac. Also, Macs are being targeted more nowadays.

    On my MacBook Pro I use Sophos Home (free) and Malwarebytes (free).

    Check out AV Test for useful reviews/tests of antivirus software for Mac (and PC).


    I too use Sophos Home free, seems to work well.

    I use avast. I found some A/v software kills the performance, avast was ok for me.

    Not needed...


    I use Sophos
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