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    Hi I am looking for a macbook, doesnt necessarily have to be the latest Apple are selling but am looking for these as minimum -

    2.0ghz core duo
    1 gb ram (cheap to upgrade i believe?)
    160gb HDD
    Super Drive

    Anyone know the best price i can get on these?



    You may want to hold out for 4 months if you can…08/

    i'm looking to sell mines as i've actually just bought a new iMac which arrived yesterday.

    will be copying all my files over then reinstalling Leopard and was planning on ebaying it.

    the macbook is in very good condition other than a few light marks on the upper case, near the illuminated apple logo.

    its 2.2ghz
    2gb ram
    160gb HDD
    OS X Leopard.

    would you be interested?

    ps, it was bought in december 07 brand new direct from apple so still covered under warranty until this christmas time.

    there is no apple care and no additional software.

    oh, and is fully boxed, with all the stuff that comes with it.

    How much fitz?


    How much fitz?

    i'd be looking at around £650-£700 ish mate.
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