Macbook fault - where do I stand?

    Well this is actually about my friend, but oh well.
    Basically my friend bought a MBP at the start of august, and all was fine for a week, however he noticed on iStatpro that his battery health had dropped to 95% in that first week ( my MBP is 9 months old and is still on 97%)
    He rang up apple and they told him to take it to the nearest place to him which would fix it under the warranty..
    Now the place rang him up 2 weeks later and said some of the tests had shown that it was faulty and some hadnt.. and so would send the results off to apple so apple could check..
    Apple decided the battery wasn't faulty and so now he's getting his unfixed MBP back today.
    Now, where does he stand on this..
    Is there anything he can do, and does he have a right to complain as surely it's not right that the battery 'health' has dropped that much..


    Did he ask for details of what has been checked and the full details of how they have come to their decision?

    The important bit of info is that Apple warrants your battery against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase. If they find no manufacturing defect, then they do not need to replace.

    Just keep it under watch for the next few months and keep details of the stats.. If it gets worse then resubmit it again to apple(Take it intoto an Apple Store, I would suggest) with details of the original claim. you need to run down the battery and not keep plugging in to charge until low.

    Just keep demmanding a new battery or get them to test the recharge circuit if there tests came back with inconclusive faults then there is a fault. Or ask for your money back.

    Original Poster

    Yep, he's calibrated it..
    Thanks for the advice guys!
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