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Found 18th Apr 2008
Does anyone know where i can get a macbook / macbook pro charger?
I am really in need of one and is very urgent. PCWorld has one for £65 which is too expensive and would be delivered by monay, tuesday whichis late.

I just want to pop in a shop and buy it from the shop.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks


Try your local computer shops if you have one.
Go on Yell and search.

Either that or go on eBay and before you buy,ask if they post asap on Special Delivery if your that desperate.

]if this one is the correct on its more than half of the price

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Thanks for help guys. I went to the Apple shop in Regent Street / London and bought one for £65 the next day.

imortal: the one i needed was 85watt for macbook pro.
Apple had problems with MACBOOK PRO series. So, i suggest not to buy macbook pro ever. And if you insist in buying, get yourself an apple care. Because the battery doesnt work with the macbook pro. Its a comon problem! It wont charge and it wont even see it! Apple doest take the responsiblity to expling their costumers!

I wonder what problems Macbook Air will have!!! Even tho i say those things (which is true) i cant leave apple. I love it and would never change it to windows (i got a desktop pc also)

The macbook pro i have is perfectly fine and its won many awards in magazines !!!
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