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    Hi folks. I am really looking to purchase one of these beauties in the near future for my final year at uni. I'm looking an apple macbook pro 15" probably 2Ghz or even the older 1.8Ghz. I looked on the refurb store and found one for around £1,100. I think it's a good price as they retail at close to £1,400. Last week they had the slightly lower spec 1.8GHZ version for only £980...i wish i had jumped on it because as they don't make these anymore i doubt there will be many more popping up.

    Any advice on where else to look (except ebay). I will of course be using quidco and if possible an egg card but i'm trying to get a sky card wih 12 months interest free intead !!! lol :-D . Also can i use any of the apple codes in the refurb store. :confused:

    Thanks fo ryour help as always



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    That was my 300th post...yeah

    If you go throught apples website from you university you should get a considerable discount.

    It wont work from home, it has to be from the university. Go through the education section.

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    Cheers mate. I went through that way too and it lets me through and appears to discount it slightly. Do you rekon if i go through the uni computers it will give more?

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    Just tried again there and they are offereing an 8% discount on macbook pro's.

    You do know the memrom chips are being released this month.

    It would mean you might be able to get these current macbooks cheaper by beginning of september.

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    Nope didn't know that. Happy days!!!


    As I work for Apple as their campus rep for Imperial College, I think this is my area of expertise

    Basically, there are two eudcation stores: normal education and higher education.

    1) Normal education store can be accessed by anyone, and gives you 8-10% discount on ipods and macs

    2) Higher education store can be accessed directly from here: ]http//ap….uk. However, it can only be accessed from a university network connection. The only other way to purchase is via telephone at 0800 912 0207. [COLOR=Red]Discounts on macs are 15-20%[/COLOR], and you get a [COLOR=Red]free upgrade to 3 years warranty[/COLOR] from the standard 1 year (that alone is worth about 200+). If you order by phone, they might ask for you to send a copy of your acceptance letter/ucas/etc etc. When you order online, there is no check, except that the order must be placed from a university connection. It doesn't matter where the order is delivered to. So hence if you know anyone at university.... i won't say more :lol:

    Just to give you sample prices... the base MacBook 15" 1.83 Ghz is 1189.10 in the Higher Education Store, and the 2.0Ghz model is 1,444.08

    Just a note... there are campus reps in many of the major universities around the UK... if you give me the uni you're going to, I'll provide you with contact details for the campus rep there and they can help you out.


    You do know the memrom chips are being released this month.It would mean … You do know the memrom chips are being released this month.It would mean you might be able to get these current macbooks cheaper by beginning of september.

    I can't reveal... but all I'm saying is that by common sense, Apple will probably upgrade to the merom chips (common name: Core 2 Duo) instead of making the current Core Duo MacBooks cheaper. After all... the MacBook Pro is the top end laptop from Apple, and professionals using it demand the best performance available :lol:

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    thanks for the great info mate, very useful. I am studying at university of ulster in N.Ireland (Belfast). I would appreciate the contact details. Thanks again

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    also what do you rekon of the refurb models? 15" 2.0Ghz for only £1,118.60.
    not bad but what do you rekon?


    also what do you rekon of the refurb models? 15" 2.0Ghz for only … also what do you rekon of the refurb models? 15" 2.0Ghz for only £1,118.60.not bad but what do you rekon?

    is that £1,118.60 for a refurb one?

    In the higher education store only accessable by the institutions network shows the 15" 2Ghz for £1,189.10.

    Also, if you didnt know already theres an offer on that you can save up to £100 of an ipod, if you buy at the same time. So you could get the 1Gb ipod nano for £11, or the 2Gb for £18 etc after rebate.

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    Oh right yeah that was the refurb price, well then i may aswell get the student discount one then yeah?

    Yup... Sorry about the mistake in my earlier post... it is the 2.0Ghz MacBook Pro 15" for £1,189.10. Plus, you get free 3 years warranty, whereas with the refurbs its only 1 year.

    boxblu: unfortunately, there isn't a campus rep at your uni at the moment. But once you get there, keep your ears open as Apple is constantly expanding to new universities, and you could find yourself a campus rep.... good pay + flexible hours + fun + free lappies and ipods!

    If you are ready to purchase, you can do so via the tollfree number 0800 912 0207. If you really would prefer to buy it online, PM me for a direct link to the HE Store that can be accessed off campus.

    Edit: Don't forget at the moment there's a mac + ipod promotion. Buy a MacBook or MacBook Pro, and get up to 100 pounds off an ipod. So technically, you could get the 1GB Nano for 11 pounds, or the 2GB Nano for 18 pounds. An amazing bargain in my opinion if you get the base MacBook Model + 2GB Nano...

    Hi Boonkoh,

    Re: the free 3-year warranty? Are you sure about this? I've spoken to 2 different salespeople and they say the warranty costs £58 for higher education individual purchases - that was for an iMac and a Macbook!


    THe free upgrade to 3 year warranty is stated on the main page of the Higher Education Store.

    It is not the same as the full 3 year warranty... that one includes 1 full year of telephone support.

    The free 3 year warranty is a parts & labour warranty. Meaning if your apple laptop broke down in the 2nd year, you can bring it into an apple store (or they collect it), and defective parts will be replaced for free, plus the labor will be free.

    The extra £58 is for 1 year telephone support, and 3 business day repair i think. Otherwise the repair would take about a week.

    There are a few other minor technical differences. I believe you might have spoken to the normal customer service reps. Did you call the 0800 912 0207 number? That is the sales line for Higher Education.

    Hope to use Higher Education links for discounts. If running WIndows on a new MAC can I access all websites - particularly those streaming video?

    Is the warranty def, included?
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