Macbook pro 2013 turning on but screen blank

Posted 20th Oct
Hi guys, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.

After updating my macbook last week it was working fine. Yesterday I left it to sleep (battery was about 10%) and this morning I charged it to full whilst it was off.

When I went to turn it on, the laptop booted and made the sound of turning on, however the screen was pitch black. Keyboard was fully lit and responsive.

I have been through a few keyboard shortcut things with apple support to try and reboot it etc but nothing worked. I need to take it to a store but there are no appointments until Thursday and I need it for work urgently!

If anyone could offer some assistance or share similar experiences it would be most helpful.

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Sounds bricked by the update. You’ll need apple to sort it I’m afraid.
Retina MacBook Pro ?

Can you see anything on the screen ? Shine a torch through the Apple logo on the lid. If there is something on the screen then probably the backlight driver has gone. If there is nothing on the screen it could be the cable from the logicboard to the lcd.

Probably nothing you can do until Apple have a look....
connect to an external monitor and see if there is display?
As said above you'll want to follow the steps in the link to reset the SMC and PRAM. Are those the things that you have already tried with Apple support? Also you can try starting up your Macbook and with the lid open giving it a could of little smacks on the back of the screen. I have a 2010 Macbook where the screen will sometimes go black when I am using it, a little tap on the back gets the screen on again.
I know you’ve probs already checked, but the brightness isn’t all the way down is it?
I know this is not helpful just now but in the future make yourself a promise.
Technology will always let you down when it is most inconvenient. So in the future promise yourself you will always separate your data from your device(s). That way, you stand a better chance of continuing to work until your technology is fixed/replaced.

Also try to improve your work/life balance. Your employer/client should be taking more of an active part in ensuring their employee/contractor can deliver in spite of any technology breakdowns plus all other risks associated with you working at home.

PS I wonder how practical it would be for you to extract the hard disk and then mount it on some other system to get at your data.
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iang00720/10/2019 22:35

I know you’ve probs already checked, but the brightness isn’t all the way d …I know you’ve probs already checked, but the brightness isn’t all the way down is it?

Even if you managed to somehow shut down or sleep your Macbook with the screen brightness turned down all the way to off when you wake or restart it the screen automatically comes on again. It's not possible to start your Macbook with screen all the way off like that.
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Freddy_uk20/10/2019 21:06

Have you tried …Have you tried

tardytortoise21/10/2019 09:07

also [Video]

Thanks everyone for your advice. I am going to attempt this repair once the 5 point screwdriver arrives from amazon.
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