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    Anyone had any experience with any of the following companies or a similar one (links in first post)? I've tried everything I can think of to fix my Macbook with no luck


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    What's wrong with it? If it's the logic board then kiss the laptop goodbye and sell on eBay (for a decent return though tbf)

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    Got a feeling it's the logic board tbh. It won't turn on at all. When you press the power button absolutely nothing happens. I've tried all of the resets on the apple site and some other weird and wonderful methods to try and get it to turn on but none have worked so far. I've swapped out the RAM and taken out the hard drive, both are still fine. It would be cheaper to put a new logic board in myself but as I'm still not 100% that's the issue I don't want to fork out £300 for one and it turns out that's not the issue.
    Any idea how much roughly I'd be looking at on eBay? It's the old 13.3" white one.
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