Macbook required as cheap as possible Laptop died

    I currently have a Hp Laptop that i have owned for 15 months and it has died which is massively frustrating as i have 2 others that lasted the same sort of time (Maybe i should look at those extended warranties !!!!!) - i also get frustrated with the way that windows is constantly telling about drivers not working correctly and programs having to shut and in my opinion it is nothing i have done - i just want to be able to use it and go

    I have had many conversations with people about the useability and durability of Apple Mac's - so although they are expensive for what they are i am looking for a Macbook

    Any deals or sites or reccomends appreciated


    If you say your old laptop died, do you mean the operating system doesn't work too well or it's mechanically dead.

    If it's hardware fault then return under the Sale of Goods act. This is different from the 12 month standard manufacter warranty.

    If it's the operating system that's kaput, then reformat and re-install.

    Were looking at the Pro 13" and John Lewis seems to be the best price due to warranty. There are deals for students or teachers if you are or know of one. Unfortunatly no Pro's in stock. I too am interested if anyone knows of any other deals...

    Macbooks are just Apple's range of Laptop PCs, they use the same hardware as other (similarly priced!) laptops and won't last any longer.

    Programs randomly crashing and driver error sound like hardware failure and Mac OS won't cope with that any better than windows does. Even the best driver in the world can't make a car run as normal when it's got a flat tyre.

    I'm not saying don't go for one but if you want something better built then consider premium and business laptops in general, of which Apple's range of laptops is one option.

    Even cheap laptops should last at least 3-4 years though so you might want to take up the problems with HP.
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