MacBook Retina 13 SSD

Found 3rd Feb
Hi guys,
The MacBook Retina 13 (A1502) has a faulty SSD drive. The Apple SSD seems super expensive (around £80-100 for a 128GB seems somewhat crazy). I happen to have a standard M.2 SATA spare and saw this listing:…2jN

Might it work? And would it stick out?
Any idea would be appreciated.
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Use the Crucial on Sandisk or Kingston configurators. Some drives are better suited than others to differing h/w configs

When buying kit like this on eBay, expect to be scammed.
That adapter (and presumably by extension the computer) only supports PCI-E AHCI drives, which are one of the rarest M.2 drives so there's a good chance your 'standard' M.2 SSD won't work.
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