MacWorld San Francisco 2007 Keynote

    Take a look everyone, some new Apple Stuff to be announced :-D :-D :-D :-D

    Only text based, no Video available!

    Might be getting a new iPod, new iPhone etc.

    The apple store is closed at the moment NOW!!!


    I love hype like this! Thanks Matt.

    From what I've heard they're expecting an Iphone. Wonder how much memory it will have.

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    Me too - it'd be awesome to go to an event like this!

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    Lookin' good!

    We're getting this year:

    An Apple Mobile Phone!
    A Widescreen iPod!
    An Internet Communicator!

    Nice :-D

    Where's my superslim powerbook!!?!!?

    This iphone thing looks not bad...have to see it in action though. from what it's saying it sounds like it will run full OS X?? If so that would be amazing...

    Not much news from the BBC: -


    I want pictures

    EDit: photos on the macrumors site now. Not that clear though. Looks pretty good.

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    iPhone AMAZING :-D

    200 Patents in it apparently. Senses when the device is by your ear, wether it is Landscape/Portrait, WOW!

    NOW I WANT THAT! Anyone want to buy me one? I'd love you forever

    Looks pretty sweet... only thing is not available in Europe for a while and only US in June. I wish they would sell an unlocked version on their site.
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