Mad magnetix!!!

Found 6th Dec 2006
Hi guys

Apparently I have to get some Magnetix things for a 5 yr old nephew, who doesn't have any yet.

Is there a particular starter kit that is better? Can anyone recommend any?

Edi pointed out a good deal from argos a while back, but it had expired.

I'm looking to spend around £20 - £25, not asking you to find the best prices, just any recommendations on particular sets? (There seem to be quite a few)
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Emma, I was having a look about for some info on Magnetix and must admit I came across some worrying items about the possibilty of a saftey risk with these sets in the US regarding loose magnets and the fact that some sets were withdrawn for safey reasons. They are mostly American but I will put a few links here just for your info. It may well be the sets in the UK are fine but I thought I would mention it.







That's pretty scary jim. :?

That's pretty scary jim. :?

Yes Emma, it would look like the sets may be ok for older children who are sensible enough not to put the magnets in their mouth but for younger children there may be a safety risk.
I asked the sister, and she's happy enough with it for the 5 year old.

Might try my luck with one of the catalogue stores and a voucher code, see if that works. If anyone has successfully used a specific voucher lately, please let me know
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