Has anyone ever used madbid? Just had a look and they are selling £800 cash into your bank account + 260 bids for around £100. Sure sounsa too good to be true


i'd like to know how this works too

how much is each bid?

please dont bother!!!!!!!!!!
you never win anything
iv used them and a site called swoopoo
you just waste so much money,
When the bidding goes down the the last second and someone bids it goes back up to a minute or something again so you will never win anything xx

There is a train of thought that suggests that a lot of 'shill' bidding goes on. For instance when nobody bids items go for around 20p, but if you make a bid a 'robot' is programmed to outbid you so you get items going for £10+. is a classic example of how 'shill' bidding works. Have a look at some of the closed auctions and you will notice very irregular patterns of bidding!

Basically you pay for a bundle of bids, e.g. 10 bids might cost £10, 20 bids may be £19.50, etc. Each bid is timed (say 1min) and starts at £0. When you bid, it raises the price of the item by 1p, but this also resets the timer. If the timer reaches 0s then you win the item and have to pay whatever the final price is (£100 to be paid for £800 cash & 260 bids as noted in the OP).

Unfortunately, it's very hard to win anything because the timer is always reset. Even if you don't win, it still costs money as you've already had to buy bids. All a bit of a con really....



I have used a few of these more recently the Fastbidding site which is … I have used a few of these more recently the Fastbidding site which is only 50p to bid and have won a Nintendo DSI and placed 5 bids, A Radley Bag for £0.45 and an Xbox Elite for £1.38 so I have no complaints at all. Goods received and ready for some more

LOL - new member suggests you own the site! :whistling:

[SIZE=7]AVOID these scam sites![/SIZE]
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