EXPIRED is it a load of BS

    Has anybody actually used this is it a hoax what's your experience of it ???


    By the looks of it, I would say it's a legitimate site for idiots.

    Take the first auction for a MacBook Pro 15" RRP: £1,499 yet has over £60.80 bid on it so that's made the site over £3000, + on top of that you still have to pay whatever you win the item at, so £60.80 would also be paid at the end. So a lot of money to be made by the firm running it.

    I used the free bids they were offering at the time (a few motnhs ago now).

    I was left shaking my head at the incredible amount of money madbid must make out of it.
    Like the MacBook mentioned above, if you work out how much markup there is you'll be left wishing you'd thought of it first.
    There are even 'auctions' to buy packs of bids.
    I didn't find it remotely addictive just slow and boring. But I did notice the same names coming up again and again making bids, so some people must be spending a lot of money.

    or they are shill bids?
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